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What is the Purpose of Logo Registration in Mumbai?

What is the Purpose of Logo Registration in Mumbai?

What is the Purpose of Logo Registration in MumbaiThe challenges of launching a new brand in a highly competitive market are numerous, and these challenges must now be addressed effectively for your business to run smoothly. The constant changes in the market, technologies, and consumer behaviour force businesses to devise new strategies for distinction.

Regardless of the nature of the business, protecting the brand’s value through logo registration in Mumbai is critical. Choosing a logo and designing it together takes significant time and energy. The main goal is to add a distinct element so that people recognise your brand through the symbols.

A registered trademark protects your brand from competitors. As a result, it assists people, both prospective and current customers, in gaining your trust. Remember, your brand goodwill is not a logo since it acts as a part of branding! Branding refers to your actions to build your brand (strategy). So, everything you do works together to offer your brand a distinctive image.

Logo registration in Mumbai: Why should your business have a logo?

Let’s understand why your business will have a logo registration and what difference it will make.

  1. It talks about your brand.

    Logos are used almost everywhere, be it business cards, websites, printed documents etc. It communicates your ownership and tells the world who you are! Basically, through the logo, people understand your product, services, and benefits.

  2. Invites new customers

    Gone are those days when customers were interested in everything in the market. Now, with too much competition, customers are drawn towards only interesting things. Attractive colour and design, with fancy elements, strike more attention.

    Thus, logo registration in Mumbai creates curiosity in your potential customer to know more about you!

  3. Distinguishes yourself from the rest

    If you are a pizza shop, there are 100s of pizza restaurants like yours. To differentiate, you need to have a logo that reflects your brand! Not the typical Italian design, moustache chef with the white hat on the logo. When you reflect on something extraordinary and dare to differ, that’s when people recognise you. Investing in a logo will always do more good than one can imagine!

  4. Promotes brand loyalty

    Customers who like a brand visualise the logo and can easily figure it out from the competitors. That’s the impact of having a strong logo; it creates brand loyalty. It is best to create a logo that lasts longer, without making any modifications to it. Since, as markers, it is good to upgrade your logo. But, as a customer, they have become accustomed to it and don’t want anything new!

  5. It’s everywhere

    Your logo must be everywhere—marketing, packaging, social media, website and product. The more it is visible, the more attention it generates. If you aim to build a brand, you need to tie the logo on everything, and it will help customers identify and consider choosing you because of the trust.

Why is trademarking a logo important?

You may be wondering, if trademarking is not mandatory, then why is it still an essential element to think of?

Brand recognition

A registered trademark confirms to the customer your brand amongst the many others. Customers can read your values and message through the registered logo, leaving an impression in mind that you are an authentic brand they can trust.

The trademarking or logo communicates the message of brand ownership, goodwill & reputation. Just think of big brands like McDonald’s, KFC or Pizza hut; you already have the visual image of their logos in your head.

Customers reach you

Consumers in the market today have a wide range of choices to pick from. For example, if you’re dealing with footwear, brands are overloaded in the market.

There are many popular brands; however, not all customers prefer big ones. But, you still would face competition from small businesses, and trademarking is what will differentiate.

As you build a rapport with your customer, the brand image flourishes, and people realise your presence. By registering, you allow customers to recall your value with your name.

Attract investors

Startups don’t emphasise registering their logo, believing only big brands do it. Trademark registration is for all, regardless of your business stage. A brand logo will do wonders for potential investors to invest in you and prompt investors to think you are thinking about the future. When you don’t have a brand logo registered, the investors won’t show interest. It is because they’d assume you’re a newbie focusing only on the present result. But to go a long way, you have to think far!

Reduce counterfeit

Since there are many products and services like yours, the chances of your brand exploitation are high. Your competitors can steal your identity by a similar name or logo. Especially if you’ve worked very hard on the logo, this is the last thing you want. To avoid confusion, and unfair profits to the competitors, trademarking is necessary. Trademarks determine a company’s identity, so your competitors won’t steal anything from you.

4 Steps for trademarking a logo

Let us look at four critical steps or the process of going through Logo Registration in Mumbai.

  1. Deciding on a logo & online search

    To protect yourself from trademark infringement, make sure you do a thorough search online. Since if you have a logo similar to the other brand, it can lead to serious legal complications.

    The trademarks registrations is a legal matter, therefore, you have to create a unique and extraordinary logo. It needs to be distinctive so you don’t face any problems during the registration.

  2. Filing the application form

    After you’re sure of its uniqueness, you must register it by filing a form. The form can be filled out online through the official site and needs a one-time payment too. With the form, you will have to submit a few documents as an identity proof of you and your brand.

    A trademark registration application filing can be done manually and digitally. In the manual procedure, you can visit the registry office in Mumbai and receive the acknowledgement within 15-20 days. In contrast, the online procedure is quite immediate and easy to process.

  3. Checking for uniqueness

    The application will be verified for its uniqueness by the concerned officer. They will ensure all the formalities are fulfilled, and the logo aligns with the laws in your state. The process will be seamless if you’ve selected a unique brand logo.

  4. Publication and approval

    After crossing all the hurdles, the next step is to publish your trademark logo in Indian Trade Mark Journals. If no opposition is raised within 90 days, and sometimes 120 days, you have finally registered your logo! It is an official process, where you receive the Certificate of registration with the seal of the Trademark Registry.


As a growing brand, the best interest is to be proactive about Logo Registration in Mumbai. The more you’re unique and show your distinctive side to the customers, the better.

Your logo makes you more likely to experience brand image and goodwill shooting high up. Obtaining a trademark is not a mandatory job but something every business should look at. It will show your customer and investors that you truly care about your brand and business!


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